Redlobster illustratie typografie

Hello, I am Lobke Rondelez, the girl (or Mrs, as they call me lately) behind Redlobster.

Redlobster illustratie muur met inspiratie

I fancy colours and colour combinations because it makes me happy

Redlobster illustratie about me
Redlobster illustratie about me

I am an illustrator and graphic designer, but I have also got my Master diploma at the Sint-Lucas in Ghent.

Redlobster illustratie tekenen op een kast
Redlobster illustratie bladeren in een schetsboek

I love coloured pencils, markers, paint, chalks in all colours and forms. When I see them, I want to get started right away.

Redlobster illustratie dieren en schetsboeken

I love (drawing) animals so I do not eat them. I love nature so I visit it.

Redlobster illustratie tekenen in een schetsboek
Redlobster illustratie tekenen in een schetsboek
Redlobster illustratie otto helpt mee met tekenen

I love making little jokes or absorb a double bottom into my illustrations, which are not always mentioned by everybody (but one does not have to)

Redlobster illustratie bureau
Redlobster illustratie sneeuwman op latten

I love making things more beautiful, funnier, nicer, more playful than they are… in order to make me smile when I see them.

Redlobster illustratie werktafel om aan te tekenen

I love creating order into chaos, structuring things and giving them their own spot

Redlobster illustratie knipsels

I love to travel into my head (but also in reality which is more costly)… searching for new illustrations, locations, topics, …

Redlobster about me

I love fishing for new facts, stories, events, … with people I know (or do not know but want to get to know that way)

ik hou van vissen naar nieuwe weetjes, feitjes, verhalen, gebeurtenissen, … bij mensen die ik ken (of niet ken en zo wil leren kennen)

I love making a walk in the morning and then arriving at my 'work' (which is actually also my home)

I love it when the day lies in front of me as a white paper and I still do not know what will happen that day or what I will be drawing

Redlobster illustratie wie heb ik aan de lijn?
Redlobster illustratie prullenmand

I love to sport, but maybe I even prefer watching sports… watching people in effort can be an effort for me too sometimes

I love reducing things tot heir essence, so I’d better stop listing these sentences… :)

Redlobster illustratie about me

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