Redlobster - Illustration & graphic design

Hello, I am Lobke Rondelez. I am a freelance illustrator and designer, under my artist name ‘Redlobster’.

Redlobster creates illustrations for almost everything: printed matter, booklets, texts, lamps, windows, … . Moreover I am drawing live at events and inaugurations, on shop windows and walls.

My customers mainly are companies, organizations, government, museums, magazines, … who love to launch something beautiful and fresh. Please feel free to contact me to find out more about me or my work:


Redlobster has already created a broad scope of printed matter: posters, flyers, booklets, ...  You name it…  If it is printable, then it is designable by Redlobster (or vice versa?).

Do you have an awesome project? Feel free to contact me


Live drawing on events, meetings, a brainstorm, ...  Why should you do it? Because a report which is supported by illustrations is much more fun to read again…  Because it tends to stick longer in your memory… Because afterwards, a nicely illustrated booklet can be made…

Do you feel like hiring me for drawing live on your event – brainstorm – meeting - …  Feel free to send me an email:


“Sweet seduction in the magazine. Endless pleasure in a limousine. In the back shakes a tambourine. Nicotine from a silver screen”
(from ‘Silver Screen Shower Scene’ by Felix da Housecat)

Redlobster has already made some ‘tempting’ advertisements in magazines and illustrations to support an article.  

Fancy an ad or an illustration for a magazine? Contact me via


Putting together a nice shop window already is a challenge, but an illustrated window is the ultimate appealing ingredient. Redlobster has already illustrated different shop windows in a certain theme (e.g. Saint Nicholas, Valentine, …), or to camouflage vacancy.

Do you have a window that deserves an illustration, please contact me via


Whoever gives a presentation, loves an alert audience whom even manages to summarize the presentation the day after.  You might have already faced the contrary ... 

Now this is where illustrations come into play!  ‘Dull’ texts are being explained in one illustration, figures are much more appealing if supported by an infographic.  

Based on the textual input of the client, Redlobster is making a presentation which is not only synoptic, but also nice to look at and easy to follow.  Even the following days and months the presentation will stick! 

Are you also longing for an alert audience, contact me via


A groundplan which is illustrated (by Redlobster), makes it much more attractive and recognizable.

You can get inspired by the references in my portfolio. Are you planning to have a map illustrated, you can always contact me to assist:


Illustrations can be used in numerous applications, such as drawing on products, …  ‘Various’ categorizes several assignments.

Are you in need of an illustrator whom can assist you at ‘various’ jobs, feel free to contact me: